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With our versatile 3-in-1 jacket, you are perfectly equipped for any adventure, big or small, in the outdoors and in the city all year round.
With our versatile 3-in-1 jacket, you are perfectly equipped for any adventure, big or small, in the outdoors and in the city all year round.

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3-in-1 Jackets. New generation impresses in more ways than one

Being outside is important to you. And that all year round. No matter whether it's a long walk, a winter hike, a trip to your immediate or wider surroundings, tobogganing, curling or snowshoeing. You are open to many things, as long as you are active and outdoors. That's why you need a jacket that is as versatile as you are. This is exactly why we at Maier Sports developed our new generation of double jackets. With such an extremely versatile 3-in-1 jacket, you are perfectly equipped for any adventure, big or small, in the outdoors and in the city all year round.

Since double jackets are experiencing a revival, our product developers and designers have created a range of models. We have 3-in-1 jackets for sporty outdoor use, which are primarily geared to the needs of hiking fans and are designed for a higher level of activity. Then there are double jackets, which show their strengths primarily in urban environments, when travelling and during moderate activities in the outdoors. Versatility and all-year-round use characterise all models.

Gregale DJ double jacket – not only for hiking

A good example of the versatility mentioned above is our Gregale DJ double jacket, designed for hiking fans and available in a women's and men's version. Casual, warm and extremely flexible. Because the Gregale DJ with its construction as a functional double jacket has more to offer than can be seen from the outside.

Let's start with the outer jacket. It is waterproof, windproof and breathable. The mTEX 10.000 membrane takes care of that. The environmentally friendly PFC-free finish lets water and snow drip off, while the adjustable hood braves the elements. On its own, you have an impressive hiking jacket that protects you from adverse weather all year round.

When it gets really cold and stormy, you will be glad about the removable fleece inner jacket, which you can also wear alone. It keeps you nice and warm because it can trap a lot of insulating air. On its own – and even more so when combined with the outer jacket with a longer back. By the way, the latter is equipped with a mesh lining that has the Silverplus® triple active freshness technology. This means that unpleasant odours do not stand a chance. The Gregale DJ is a 3-in-1 jacket that really deserves this name (RRP from £179.95).

Alternatives for urban requirements

If you are looking for a year-round jacket that you can wear in town or during leisure activities with short outdoor trips, then you will also find attractive models at Maier Sports, which are more in line with current fashion trends. For example, the women's Talia DJ W double jacket or the men's Bryant DJ M model.

Talia DJ W – sleek weather protection on the outside, cosy quilting on the inside

The women's Talia DJ W double jacket has a completely different focus. You want an in-between jacket that is not too thick to wear on beautiful late summer days. And when the first fall storms blow though town, you want to be protected. When winter sets in, your jacket needs to be warm, preferably warm enough to wear throughout winter – for walks in the park, trips into town, shopping sprees or city tours. The modern Talia DJ W double jacket offers all this and more. On the outside it looks straightforward and perfect for everyday use. A fashionable garment with all the outdoor functions you need.

The inside will impress you with its elaborate and noticeably fine craftsmanship. The inner jacket creates a striking contrast. The outer jacket has an mTEX 10.000 membrane, making it windproof, waterproof and breathable. It can withstand the elements while the PFC-free finish lets water simply drip off. The perfect all-weather jacket. And if there is an unexpected Indian summer, then you only need to wear the beautifully finished inner jacket with flattering stitching. Put together, the two make a cosy winter jacket.

No matter how you wear the Talia: you can walk down any pedestrian zone in any small town or cosmopolitan city such as London, Paris or Stockholm with a clean conscience (RRP from £269.95).

Bryant DJ M – understatement with a contrasting look

Of course, we also have a suitable alternative for men in our range: the Bryant DJ M double jacket. This urban double jacket looks pretty sober on the outside: a high collar, plenty of pockets and a straight cut with a drawstring in the waist. Add to that the waterproof, windproof and breathable mTEX 10.000 membrane – for complete weather protection and a pleasant body climate. It is joined by the environmentally friendly PFC-free finish that is standard at Maier Sports.

But when you open the double jacket, you’ll reveal the contrasting look – a bright yellow quilted inner jacket with a black front zip. You’ll definitely stand out. Especially when you wear the uncompromising inner jacket by itself, which will often be the case in fall and spring. Worn together with the everyday, serious-looking outer jacket, you have a warm and cosy winter jacket that will be invaluable to you on cold days. It will impress you on your commute to work, during walks in the park or visits to the Christmas market. And when you then “flash” your inner jacket, you’ll probably show your true colours by outing yourself as someone who likes bold hues (RRP from £269.95).



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