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Enjoy your activities in the outdoors to the fullest
Enjoy your activities in the outdoors to the fullest

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Perfectly tailored for Trekking, Hiking and Urban Travel

The structure of our Outdoor collection clearly indicates the focus of each line: Trekking, Hiking and Urban Travel. By separating the collection into these three categories, we can better meet your needs and wishes as a hiking and outdoor fan. With sport-specific products and designs that are geared to your individual needs and requirements, so that you can enjoy your activities in the outdoors to the fullest. When developing and categorising each product, we always focus on the primary purpose. Nevertheless, you can use the products in a variety of ways according to your wishes and preferences.

  • Trekking
  • Our sportiest Outdoor line. Designed for discerning nature lovers who enjoy challenging themselves and venturing off the beaten and hard-surfaced tracks. Our trekking pants are technical products with high functional requirements. You will find the right products for a wide range of purposes to cope with fall and winter conditions on hiking and trekking tours, snowshoe hikes or a day of skiing. During the development, we had people in mind who want to enjoy nature, have fun and experience their own personal adventure on more demanding tours, whenever and wherever they like. We are also launching two new trekking pants this season: the Tephrit Plus technical touring pants with a host of features and the Diabas Bib with a bib and a waterproof, highly breathable mTEX 20.000 membrane suitable for mountain and alpine tours.
  • Hiking
  • Hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers will feel right at home with products from our Hiking line. Our successful, multiple test-winning Nil/Lulaka pants and the Inara Slim/Torid Slim pants are still at the heart of the collection. They are joined by zip-off pants that come into their own on beautiful fall days. You will find a wide spectrum of jackets geared to different needs, from the lighter Metor 3-season hiking jacket to the highly versatile Gregale DJ outdoor double jacket with the waterproof mTEX 10.000 outer jacket and cuddly, warm fleece inner jacket. The numerous midlayers complement them beautifully, allowing you to put together a myriad of individual outfits – visually and functionally. Some models can be found in matching colours in both our Outdoor and Ski lines, which underlines the versatility of our products.
  • Urban Travel
  • Outdoor functions with a modern, urban look. The perfect outfit for your microadventure in and around town, for trips to the park, heading off on holiday or for visiting the arena, when the latter is eventually allowed again. This is exactly what the styles in our Urban Travel line have been designed for. Comfort, convenience and fashionable trends are essential for enjoying your fall and

    winter activities safely. Especially when the weather isn’t showing its sunny side. The new, sleek and modern Foidit men’s pants – warm, 4-way stretch and a cool style – perfectly embody the spirit of this line. As do the women’s softshell Lapilli pants with a slim fit: close-fitting cut, slim and with accentuated stitching. When it comes to the jackets, warm linings dominate, such as the women’s and men’s Jamari jacket – sleek, nice and light with a cosy quilted lining. The perfect choice for Christmas markets, long walks in the snow and shopping trips in icy temperatures.

    Highlight products

    HIKING Women

    227003 Gregale DJ W
    Casual double jacket with year-round qualities

    This casual, warm and extremely versatile hiking jacket comes with an added bonus. Because the Gregale DJ with its construction as a functional double jacket has more to offer than can be seen from the outside. Let's start with the outer jacket. It is waterproof, windproof and breathable. The mTEX 10.000 membrane takes care of that. The environmentally friendly PFC-free finish lets water and snow drip off, while the adjustable hood braves the elements. On its own, you have an impressive hiking jacket that protects you from adverse weather all year round. When it gets really cold and stormy, you will be glad about the removable fleece inner jacket, which you can also wear alone. It keeps you nice and warm because it can trap a lot of insulating air. On its own – and even more so when combined with the outer jacket with a longer back. By the way, the latter is equipped with a mesh lining that has the Silverplus® triple active freshness technology. This means that unpleasant odours do not stand a chance. The Gregale DJ is a 3-in-1 jacket that really deserves this name.

    RRP £179.95

    280029 Cicerbita
    Sporty, stretch fleece jacket

    The warm and breathable Cicerbita midlayer has been launched with a sleek and sporty look. Thanks to its stretch fabric, the close-fitting fleece jacket will provide you with plenty of freedom of movement and cuts a fine figure. The high collar allows for a close fit around the throat and neck. Dryprotec ensures that moisture is rapidly transported outwards and that the fleece jacket dries quickly. Practical: the small side pocket with a concealed zip.

    RRP £89.95

    HIKING Men

    125007 PEYOR M
    Warm hiking jacket with all-round qualities

    Do you like being active in the outdoors even in frosty temperatures, wrapped up nice and warm? Enjoy taking walks in fall, long hikes in the snow or visiting the Christmas market? Then the warm Peyor hiking jacket will make sure that you can still have fun, no matter where you are. The windproof, waterproof and breathable mTEX 10.000 membrane with an environmentally friendly PFC-free finish provides perfect weather protection. The effective mTHERM insulation retains your body heat, while the stretch fabric ensures plenty of freedom of movement, allowing you to overcome any obstacle en route. The high collar and detachable hood also play a part in reserving heat. You can safely stow all your important paraphernalia in the spacious pockets. The straight cut jacket can be combined in many different ways.

    RRP £159.95

    170047 Burray
    Sporty jersey jacket

    Super stretch summer jacket with a melange look. Totally casual and trendy. This close-fitting, 4-way stretch jersey jacket is very comfortable to wear with plenty of freedom of movement. Thanks to dryprotec, it dries in a flash. The fashionable melange effect has been created with cationic dye. You can safely stow your important paraphernalia in the zipped side pockets. A cool garment, not only for hiking.

    RRP £89.95

    TREKKING Women

    232022 LANA SLIM
    Perfect for winter trekking tours

    Do you love being outdoors for longer periods of time and aren’t afraid of demanding hiking and trekking tours? Not even winter conditions daunt you? Then our Lana Slim technical outdoor pants are just the thing for you. They are the slim fit version of Lana, the multiple test-winning technical touring pants, with a slimmer silhouette and legs. This gives them a sportier look. As for the material, we have used our proven robust, breathable and super stretch double fabric. It will not be affected by any contact with rocks or ice, follows your every move and is very pleasant on the skin. You will be completely impressed by the fit and cut as well as the environmentally friendly PFC-free finish, which is very wash-resistant. Quick-drying thanks to dryprotec, Lana Slim is also available in short and long sizes.

    RRP £109.95

    229267 PAMPERO W
    Sporty PrimaLoft® quilted jacket

    Do you enjoy being outdoors, even for longer periods of time? Do you tend to be so active that you often work up a sweat on your tours even in winter? Then you need a nice and light functional jacket that is extremely breathable, yet still keeps you warm. Like Pampero with its partial PrimaLoft® stitching. This sporty and feminine trekking jacket is wind-resistant with an environmentally friendly PFC-free finish that lets water and snow simply drip off during a short rain shower. Should it get really hot on a climb, its small pack size lets you easily pack it away in your backpack. The integrated inner cuffs and grown-on hood keep the cold and rain at bay. The dynamic look is a perfect match for the high performance of this modern jacket and your style.

    RRP £159.95


    129264 NOTOS M
    Warm PrimaLoft® insulating jacket

    Every single gramme counts on a trekking tour. And if you’re out in winter conditions, then you also have to make sure that your body doesn’t cool down. These are the strengths of this high-tech technical insulating jacket. It is extremely light, cosy and warm. This is primarily down to the innovative PrimaLoft® ThermoPlume® insulation, which is very similar to the billowing effect and thermal output of natural down. Yet unlike the natural material, PrimaLoft® is insensitive to moisture and will keep you warm even if it’s damp. Moreover, you will love the grown-on hood, which can be adjusted for an individual fit and keeps your head nice and warm, whereas the inner cuffs on the sleeves ensure no heat escapes. The sophisticated stitching and great fit give it a cool look. Incidentally, it goes beautifully with our multiple test-winning Naturno technical touring pants made from very robust, super stretch double fabric. Perfect for trekking tours in winter.

    RRP: £159.95
    (NATURNO £119.95)

    137306 DIABAS M
    Pants for the outdoors and skiing

    You enjoy being active in the outdoors in winter: long walks in the snow, adventurous hikes, snowshoeing trips or even skiing down the slopes or through difficult terrain. The Diabas trekking pants also make good touring and ski pants and have been designed for all these scenarios. The young, two-tone design of the technical pants reveals their versatility. Available for men and women, the Diabas pants are unpadded and come with the high-performance mTEX 20.000 membrane. The laminate is highly breathable, windproof and waterproof. These crossover pants are very sustainable. They are made from up to 58% recycled polyester. The stretch 2-layer construction providing plenty of freedom of movement for all snow sports will prove itself in practice. Features include a snow guard with non-slip rubber, waist with adjusters as well as zipped pockets on the side, thighs and back. Important for all nature lovers: the Diabas pants have an environmentally friendly PFC-free finish. If mountaineering or deep snow is your thing, you should go for the bib version of the Diabas, which has a removable bib with stretch inserts and braces. That will keep the snow outside should you find yourself deeper in the white stuff.

    RRP from £159.95
    (DIABAS BIB £179.95)

    125262 GRAVDAL XO M
    Trekking jacket and more

    The perfect winter trekking jacket with a ski mentality. Furthermore, Maier Sports has equipped the athletic outdoor jacket with a detachable snow guard and ticket pocket. And it gets even better: the jacket is made from up to 58% recycled polyester. That will give you a good feeling. As will the high-performance mTEX 20.000 membrane that knows how to impress during strenuous activities, whatever the weather. It is very breathable, waterproof and windproof. The extra-long underarm zips allow you to let off steam on tough climbs or sunny days. The thin mTHERM light insulation ensures active winter sports fans have everything they need for icy conditions. You will also appreciate the very high collar as well as the adjustable and detachable hood in these kinds of situations. It goes without saying that the wash-resistant finish is PFC-free.

    RRP from £269.95

    180029 Surprise M
    Surprising effect

    You’re always good for a surprise. Just like the sporty Surprise half zip midlayer that you can wear for trekking as well as for hiking, skiing, jogging and many other outdoor sports. The midlayer will catch everyone’s eye every time you move because as soon as the material is stretched in one place, the contrasting inside colour flashes and creates an exciting visual effect. Subtle, yet effective. Many will take a second look. And quite rightly as the zipped jumper with a sporty cut is figure-flattering and adds a striking touch with its accentuated stitching. The 4-way stretch provides plenty of freedom of movement while ensuring a great fit. Other advantages include high breathability and the quick-drying ability thanks to dryprotec.

    RRP from £79.95


    236010 PERLIT W
    Softshell five-pocket style pants

    You've come to the realisation that your favourite jeans aren’t the perfect solution when you feel like taking a stroll in the snow, taking your dog for walkies or meeting up with friends at the Christmas market on a cold winter’s day. They’re simply too cold. An effective alternative are the warm Perlit softshell pants. Their five-pocket style doesn’t even make them look like outdoor pants. But they have taken on their positive benefits because they're windproof, water-repellent and breathable thanks to the stormprotec membrane. The environmentally friendly PFC-free finish lets water drip off and the stretch fabric provides plenty of freedom of movement while contributing to the great fit. This is why these robust outdoor pants also look great in town and you won’t have to cut your visit to the Christmas market short just because your legs are cold. The pants are also available in plus and short sizes.

    RRP from £89.95

    227709 TALIA DJ W
    Casual on the outside, beautiful on the inside

    Your in-between jacket shouldn’t be too thick if you want to wear it on warm late summer days. When the first fall storms blow though town, you’ve got protection on your mind. When winter sets in, you want a warm jacket, preferably warm enough to wear throughout winter – for walks in the park, trips into town, shopping sprees or city tours. This modern double jacket offers all this and more. On the outside it looks straightforward and perfect for everyday use. A fashionable garment with all the outdoor functions you need. The inside will impress you with its elaborate and noticeably fine craftsmanship. The inner jacket creates a striking contrast. The outer jacket has an mTEX 10.000 membrane, making it windproof, waterproof and breathable. It can withstand the elements while the PFC-free finish lets water simply drip off. The perfect all-weather jacket. And if there is an unexpected Indian summer, then you only need to wear the beautifully finished inner jacket with flattering stitching. Put together, the two make a cosy winter jacket. No matter how you wear the Talia: you can walk down any pedestrian zone in any small town or cosmopolitan city such as London, Paris or Stockholm with a clean conscience.

    RRP from £269.95


    132029 FOIDIT M
    Cool street look with all outdoor functions

    Outdoor pants really can look this cool. Hardly surprising then to find them in the Maier Sports Urban Travel line. Because the styles that the pants and fitting specialist offers in this range come with all of the outdoor functions you need. Yet they have also been specially developed for use in an urban environment, for travelling and for leisure activities, which explains their lifestyle design. The warm, stretch Foidit outdoor pants have perfectly embraced this demand. Modern cut. Sleek style. Casual look. The 4-way stretch provides plenty of freedom of movement while contributing to the great fit. That also includes the adjustable waist with belt loops that can be adapted to suit every body shape. No matter whether you’re an enthusiastic traveller, nature lover or city adventurer: the recycled polyester – making up 91% of the pants’ fabric – will please everyone. By the way, the remaining 9% is elastane, which is responsible for the super stretch ability of the pants mentioned above. The complete PFC-free finish that lets water simply drip off is environmentally friendly.

    RRP from £89.95

    127711_BRYANT DJ M
    Serious on the outside, loud on the inside

    The Bryant DJ double jacket looks pretty sober on the outside: a high collar, plenty of pockets and a straight cut with a drawstring in the waist. Add to that the waterproof, windproof and breathable mTEX 10.000 membrane – for complete weather protection and a pleasant body climate. It is joined by the environmentally friendly PFC-free finish that is standard at Maier Sports. But when you open the double jacket, you’ll reveal the contrasting look – a bright yellow quilted inner jacket with a black front zip. You’ll definitely stand out. Especially when you wear the uncompromising inner jacket by itself, which will often be the case in fall and spring. Worn together with the everyday, serious-looking outer jacket, you have a warm and cosy winter jacket that will be invaluable to you on cold days. It will impress you on your commute to work as well as during walks in the park or visits to the Christmas market or stadium. And when you then “flash” your inner jacket, you’ll probably show your true colours by outing yourself as someone who likes bold hues.

    RRP from £269.95



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